Re: SLIP working group?

Tue, 19 Apr 88 12:38:27 EDT


There are lots of schemes to deal with the unfairness issue I mentioned,
the most attractive of which may be based on schedule-to-deadline
principles you mention. While fragmentation can be used to reduce
latency, you have to be careful how the fragmentation is done. Those
implementations I know about transmit all fragments of a gram one after
the other, which would defeat the purpose. Fuzzballs (and maybe others
I don't know about) requeue the datagram (with updated fragmentation info)
after each fragment transmission. This results in a two-tier discipline;
FB(n) (FIFO order in each priority queue) for grams less than the MTU
and RR (round-robin in each priority queue) otherwise. Yes, the thought
has struck me that actual queue priority could be adjusted for each
fragment and also elapsed time on the queue.


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