advice wanted: Ethernet cards for IP/TCP + Minix

Jonathan (munnari!vuwcomp!
15 Apr 88 03:28:17 GMT

I need some advice on Ethernet boards and free (cheap?) TCP/IP
implementations for IBM PC/AT clones. Source for the TCP is a must.
The background is as follows:

Some graduate students here are starting projects to implement IP/TCP
over Ethernet on Minix. We currently have a couple of XT clones with
3C501 (3Com Etherlink) Ethernet boards, and source for PC/IP. We are
sure that these will work together, though we have not yet installed

We are about to get some more hardware for this project: AT clones
(commodore PC-40s) and some kind of Ethernet boards. We have found
local suppliers for two boards: 3c505 (3Com Etherlink+), and a Western
Digital board. PC/IP does not have drivers for these cards. We also
know KA9Q (sp?) exists, but don't know what cards it has drivers for.

Does anyone know of drivers for these TCP implementations for either board?
Also, could anyone comment on which boards (or software) would be
least troublesome for Minix?

One specific thing that concerns me is DMA. The WD board doesn't do
DMA; I don't know about the 3Com board. Would moving data to and from
the ethernet board via programmed I/O loops cause serious problems for
Minix? Eg: do we have to disable interrupts? Could we lose asynch TTY
interrupts? Will it kill response time?

I know DMA is slower on ATs, but with a multi-tasking OS, there are
considerations other than raw throughput.

(I shouldn't have to say this, but mail any replies to me. If there
is sufficient interest, I will summarise to the net.)

Thanks in advance,

        Jonathan Stone
        Comp Sci Dept
        Victoria University

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