Thoughts on why packet accounting will be A Good Thing.

Barry Shein (
Mon, 18 Apr 88 21:02:52 EST

By the same token (pardon me) we could argue to raise the fares on on
Rte 128 (for the w. coast, 101) until that messy thing called rush
hour just stops. Of course, the sudden absence of employees will be a
mere artifact of these nice, manageable highways, it is ignorable.

I don't know about software engineering by dear resource, it's not
self-evident to me. Computing resources have gotten really cheap
lately and I daresay they have engendered better software, not worse.

For once in history it is becoming clear who will serve whom (you
can't tell me that JCL wasn't an attempt to make man serve the
computer rather than the other way around.)

Let's be real careful, that's all, I ain't sayin' yes and I ain't
sayin' no...

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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