Wollongong's TN3270

15 Apr 88 12:49:00 PDT

Your message of yesterday concerning Wollongong's EUNICE and TCP products
for VMS, contained some information that I would like to correct. We are
currently investigeting how this incorrect information was relayed to you
and we apologize for the confusion. However...

Here are the true facts:

1/ TN3270 is available with EUNICE release 4.3.1 (from September 1987).
    As released, it has two known minor bugs, which we picked up from the
    Berkeley sources. They will be fixed in new EUNICE mainten
ance release
    coming up in June.

2/ TN3270 is currently available only with EUNICE, not WIN/TCP. It requires
    "libcurses" library which is not supported under WIN/TCP, due to the
    requirement for a UNIX license.

3/ There is no WIN/TCP release 3.3 scheduled for this summer. The release
    following after 3.2 will be 4.0, which will be compatable with VMS 5.0.
    We do not yet have an announced release date for WIN/TCP 4.0.

                                Eva Mitter
                                EUNICE Project Leader
                                Software Engineering

                                The Wollongong Group


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