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William Sommerfeld (
17 Apr 88 18:47:13 GMT

In article <8804170013.aa05021@Huey.UDEL.EDU> Mills@UDEL.EDU writes:
>Geeze, is it really 115 Amps?

Well, if you believe what's printed on the back of the boxes, the IBM
Reduced Taxes[1] desktop model is rated at 7.5 amps at 120VAC. The floor
model is rated at 10 amps. The floor model has more expansion slots
as well as room for up to three disk drives; the desktop model only
has room for one internal disk.

With 9 CPU's, that would be 67.5 or 90 amps total. RT's tend to run
hot; you're not supposed to run them for very long (more than 5
minutes or so) with the cover off, or else they reportedly melt down.
The CPU chips are mounted in massive heat sinks which are directly in
the blast of a 4" fan.

Four RT/PC's tend to keep a 10' x 20' room nice and toasty warm...

                                                - Bill

[1] so called because it is rumoured that IBM gives more of them away
than they sell...

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