Re: Packet level accounting in IP routers?

Ittai Hershman (ittai@vx2.GBA.NYU.EDU)
Sun, 17 Apr 1988 12:12:29 EST

Perhaps this should go to RISKS instead :-) When I was down at the TCP/IP
Interoperability Conference in December, I found a few hours to go into town
and meet a friend for lunch. I have a farecard I keep in my wallet which I
use whenever I'm in DC -- miraculously it still worked. Well my friend
decided to drag me to a State Dept press conference and I went through some
metal detector. When I got back to the Metro station to return to Arlington,
I discovered the farecard would not work (my Am Ex card was fine, and the
farecard was readable in the station office's computer, but not by the

Maybe it was just a fluke, since I'm sure many State Dept employees ride the
Metro, or maybe they have lead-lined wallets... Anyway, the discussion of
farecards on the TCP-IP list was just too hard to pass up.


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