Bell Technologies 386 RFS "Cheap Ethernet"

Mark McWiggins (intek01!
15 Apr 88 22:04:12 GMT

Just got a mailing from Bell Technologies advertising their 386 Unix
($495 complete with manuals and an unlimited-user license). I've
been reading about the price for months, but what caught my eye this
time was this:

        "UNIX from Bell Technologies ships Ethernet ready with a
        complete RFS distributed file system -- just plug in a low-cost
        Ethernet card and go!"

That's exactly what we'd like to do, preferably booting diskless nodes
across the network, and running DOS Merge 386 underneath.

Are you doing anything like this? Does it work? What kind of Ethernet
card are you using and how much did it cost? (I haven't found out yet
what Bell considers "low-cost".)

Please E-mail (I don't have read access to comp.dcom.lans) and I'll
summarize for the net. Thanks in advance.


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