bad press for NSFNET

David Roode (
Fri, 15 Apr 88 23:45:30 PDT

The April 1988 issue of Data Communications magazine on p. 78 has an
entry called "Kludgey NSF RT-based network?" It says it turns out
each NSFNET T1 backbone switch will consist of from 3 to 9 RT's linked
via a token ring. Local campuses will interface to one of the RT's
via Ethernet and backbone trunks will be handled by multiple RT's. A
dedicated RT will handle routing.

The article then goes on to quote an unnamed 'key university network
manager' who bemoans the 115 amps of current the switch will consume
and the 32,500 BTU/h of cooling required. The article says power
consumption was confirmed by the NSFnet operators, but says they
referred the issue of heat dissipation to IBM.

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