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14 Apr 88 01:24:44 GMT

In article <8804120427.AA11751@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, OWEN@AUDUCVAX.BITNET (Larry Owen) writes:
> I know (or at least am laboring under the assumption) that all hosts
> (connections) on a given physical network must (should?) use the same
> network number in their internet address. What about MAC-level bridges
> (Lan Bridge 100's, Vitalink Translans, and the like)? Are all ethernet
> segments connected by these devices on a single net (for purposes of
> internet addressing), or can each segment use a different network
> (or subnet) number?
In our network (at the physical cable level) there are many different network
protocols, internet addresses etc. I don't see any reason to force any one
protocol or internet address (anyone with any horror stories?). We have a
continuously growing number of sites connected via MAC level bridges and
have had no problems getting any ethernet device from any vendor to cross the
'boundaries'. So my experience shows that:

A) You do not HAVE to use the same internet address (or protocol) on a single
   physical media.

B) You do not HAVE to use different internet addresses for different segments
   connected via a MAC level bridge.

C) For management purposes you may WANT to implement different internet prefixes

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