Re: tn3270 for WIN/TCP 3.x...

Joel Garrett (
14 Apr 88 15:19:27 GMT

I've received quite a few requests for any response I get on TWG's support
for tn3270. I've tried sending mail to the people who asked, but our local
mailer has bounced most of the attempts, so I'll just post my findings here.

I talked with several people at TWG yesterday afternoon and came up with
the following information:

Yes, the current release of Eunice does have tn3270, but I don't think it is
the version that supports VM/XA.

They said that there probably wasn't a way to get the Eunice executable to
run with the runtime executive that comes with WIN/TCP (REX) either.

However, they did say that they would be including tn3270 with WIN/TCP v3.3
which should be out sometime this summer. (I know, 3.2 isn't even out yet,
but they said that should be out in May) In the meantime I guess we'll all
just have to go through some intermediate machine which does support tn3270.

                                        Hope this info helps,


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