Processor Upgrade of LSI-11 Mailbridges Complete

Thu, 14 Apr 88 11:59:44 -0400

  On Tues (4/12/88) MILSRI gateway was upgraded to an 11/73 processor.
This completes the upgrade of all Mailbridges and EGP servers to
11/73s. Many thanks to Bob Enger for finding hardware donors and for
coordinating the installation effort. Also thanks to the following
people for the donation of processors and memory.

Phil Karn Bellcore 7 processors
Paul Pomes U of Illinios 1 processor 3 memory boards
Bob Enger Contel 1 processor 3 memory boards
Dan Tappan BBN 1 processor 1 memory board
Bill Nesheim Thinking Machines 1 processor 1 memory board
Mike Petry U of Maryland 2 processors

  The upgrade has made a dramatic change in the performance of these
gateways and should help all of us who use the INTERNET.

   Dates of Upgrade


   BBN2 11/09/87
   PURDUE 11/18/87
   ISI 11/23/87
   MILDCEC 11/23/87
   YUMA 01/12/88
   AERO 01/13/88
   MINET 03/22/88
   MILBBN 03/22/88
   MILSAC 03/29/88
   MILISI 03/30/88
   MILARPA 03/31/88
   MILLBL 04/06/88
   MILSRI 04/12/88

Stephen Atlas

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