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Subject: more interesting numbers
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Some recently obtained per node averages for gateways:

The seven BBN ARPA/MILNET Core gateways:
        10.04 packets/sec 5.78 % drop rate

The NSFNET Backbone "Fuzzball" gateways:
        15.55 packets/sec 0.18 % drop rate

The Bld 394 BRL gateway:
        ~20 packets/sec ~0.8 % drop rate

The vast majority of our dropped packets are comming from the
currently sick Proteon Ring, so this value would normally be
much lower.

The 394 gateway is currently handling over 1.5 Million packets/day.
The 328 gateway is probably similar. [I will have better data for
BRL in a few weeks.]

That's a lot of packets!

- Phil

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