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Subject: CMU-TEK TCP/IP and SLIP
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Hi Dwayne, could you forward this to the appropriate newsgroup?

I have some comments and question about CMU-TEK TCP/IP for VMS.

I've been trying to get it connected to Amateur Packet radio using a
  PC as a gateway. It works, but the CMU-TEK TCP/IP seems to have a
  very short (5sec) TCP segment timer. This causes A LOT of unnecessary
  retransmit traffic on the packet radio link, and leads to even longer
  packet delays than would occur otherwise. Can anybody think of a
  fix for this that doesn't involve modifying the source (we don't have
  a BLISS compiler!!). The CMU-TEK TCP sets the high-reliability flag
  in the IP datagrams, which causes the gateway to use AX.25 connected
  mode rather than datagram mode, thus increasing packet delays.
  Again, I'd like to be able to tell it (VMS) the TOS.

Has anybody written a SLIP driver for the CMU-TEK TCP/IP that I could have?
  The ethernet card that I'm using on the PC is borrowed, and is overkill
  for our local packet radio network anyway!!

In case you haven't already guessed, the PC is running the KA9Q code,
  version 871225.12.

Thanx in advance
Marcus Leech

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