Looking for users of David Systems equipment

David C. White (tektronix!gvgpsa!davew@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
13 Apr 88 02:31:24 GMT

The following is posted on behalf of the systems manager in our
corporate MIS group. I also have concerns about this equipment
because their system is being proposed for the T1 link to the
new building we are moving into late this summer and the MIS
telecommunications person is pushing it real hard even though
it only does 1.2Mbit/sec over twisted pair. I've never heard
of the company, so if anyone has any direct experience with this
equipment of knows anything about it, I certainly would appreciate
hearing from you.
The company is:

David Systems, Inc.
701 East Evelyn Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94086

The product is David Information Manager. The main unit is called a
David Manager, and you connect David-Sets (telephones with the ethernet,
and RS232 connections on them) to it via, are you ready for this, the
David-Link (a twisted pair of wires). The questions I have are:

o Is anybody using all three, telephone, RS232, and ethernet modes at
   one station? Especially any type of high traffic station like a
   VAX/VMS or UNIX workstation?

o Then there is the question about the T1 bridge part. Is anybody
   using it? And especially is anybody using use the multiple T1
   bridge capability? The David Manager can handle multiple T1 circuits.
   The question is if you use three T1 circuits do you get 9 MBits/second

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