Re 1200 PCs on PCNFS - NZ

12 Apr 88 00:31:00 PST

Recently, I added some HP Vectras (semi-AT-Clones) with DEC 802.3 cards and
a previously very quiet ( even with RWHODs running ) ethernet, visiting
Sun_3, 2 Decnet MV_IIs, 3 DECSERVER-200s and a DELNI and I WAS DISAPPOINTED
by the traffic() reports. The PC_802.3 cards, it is my surmise, being of
low iq, need several extra howdoyoudos to swap stories with the host than
I would find reasonable from a more costly host ..

I am sure from the last few days traffic here that someone has done some
good calculations. All conventional wisdom I read / heard urges no more
than 20-40 Suns (vv PCs) on a leg (then a dual enet gateway). While low
end pc's ask far fewer favors of their server .. generally .. smarter 386
type PCs and others based on type of load may be very burdensome.

Expect as many PCs could be served per leg BUT I'd do some serious data
gathering before trying over 30 PCs on one leg .. speculate that is do-
able based on connections allowed. You might pass your question on to
our SoCal SUN List la-slug@{ elroy | jpl-mil }.JPL.NASA.GOV and to keves@ Those are quite a few Sun people with some serious experience.

Sorry can't remember if la-slug is on elroy or jpl-mil. /Ev/

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