a few questions about a NFS based network over ethernet

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6 Apr 88 23:58:41 GMT

The following article is being posted for our Software Manager. Sorry
about repeating this article - last time it went to comp.dcom.lans but
*nobody* replied :-( We're about to make a sizeable decision about our
LAN & we'd like to hear from people who have made similar decisions in
the past so that we can avoid any obvious problems.

                     A t D h V a A n N k C s E


What is an acceptable load on an 802.3 network? We are intending
putting approx. 300 PCs running Sun's PC-NFS on a single net, with the
intention of expanding to 1200 within 5 years. Will a single trunk be
capable of supporting that number of work stations or should we be
looking at putting in several parallel cables? If so how many? How
much horse power would be reasonable to support the number of PCs
being proposed? i.e. what size machine should we have for a NFS


All replies to him please, or to this newsgroup if the info is
generally useful.

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