Re: Domain name, domain name, what shalt thou be, domain name?

Chris Torek (
Mon, 11 Apr 88 18:43:43 EDT

Note, though, that if your host name is `home.MegaCorp.COM' but is
really attached to `', but the ch.EDU server does not
also serve for MegaCorp.COM, when MegaCorp.COM (or COM in general) is
unreachable, ch.EDU sites will not be able to figure out who you are.
Having experienced a miniature version of this situation (the official
UMD.EDU servers are one broadband-hop away from the Computer Science
Department cable, and the local construction folks like nothing better
than to cut through broadband cables while pretending to dig up parking
lots :-) ), where none of our `' machines could call any
`' machines---which includes all our multi-user hosts---by
name. (Fortunately, we still had call by address, if not by value :-) )


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