Re: Domain name, domain name, what shalt thou be, domain name?
Mon, 11 Apr 88 12:47:44 PDT

>A name (even a domain name) can be arbitrarily bound to an address.
It is worth recalling one respect in which this is not quite accurate.

A typical site needs a simple way to generate an INADDR-ARPA database
from its name->address database. A many-many map from SOA zones to
networks makes it hard to automate this generation.

I think it very undesirable to have lots of hosts with one authority
for their name->address translation and a different one for
address->name translation. In some cases it's necessary, I suppose,
but the number of such hosts should be minimized so as to maximize the
modularity of the database. A much cleaner scheme is to have a host's
real domain name directly depend upon its network number, and instead
have a pointer record in the other domain allowing an alias. The
domain system as presently defined is sufficiently general to allow
both schemes; which one gets used becomes a question of taste and

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