Domain name, domain name, what shalt thou be, domain name?

Greg Earle (mahendo!
11 Apr 88 09:49:30 GMT

[ This is probably not the best place for this. I couldn't come up with
  a better one, though, other than `Namedroppers'. Apologies in advance ... ]

I have an interesting possible scenario, and would like to solicit suggestions
regarding choosing a domain to reside under. To wit:

Currently, I access the known Universe and my beloved Internet connection via
an account on this machine [mahendo.JPL.NASA.GOV]. Let's say I am about to
begin work for the `Moon' company. The Moon company has a registered domain,
Moon.COM. There are several sub-domains under Moon.COM, for simplicity's
sake let's choose geographically based ones - West.Moon.COM, East.Moon.COM, &c.
I will be provided with a machine in order to perform my job duties. Under
ordinary circumstances, I could expect to name this machine `gregsbox', and
nestle comfortably under the name `gregsbox.West.Moon.COM' with an MX record
handled by Moon.COM. On the other hand, say the loss of my Internet connection
proves too great to handle (*sniff*). I then cajole the good folks at JPL who
administer the JPL.NASA.GOV domain into letting me set up a SLIP link with
them. Now, this becomes easy, since JPL.NASA.GOV is neatly subdivided into
Class B subnets. Merely by choosing a machine on the backbone net without
an existing subnet farm, a TrailBlazer SLIP link between the my machine and
somebackbonebox.JPL.NASA.GOV gets me onto a new JPL-Net subnet. Thus, just
by running `routed' I become known to the rest of the world (by proxy) because
of their current subnet set-up. So, if I chose, I could also easily nestle
into `gregsbox.JPL.NASA.GOV' with some Internet address containing 128.149.s.h.

In other words, from a *connectivity* and *network* standpoint, such a
circumstance would point to being a member of the JPL domain. But from an
*organizational* standpoint (i.e., who I *work* for), it would point to
staying inside the Moon.COM domain.

Given this scenario, how does one choose which domain to reside in? N.B.:
I realize that with some point-to-point links such as this, that there are
plenty that retain the organizational-oriented domain name. But given that
the network address would be one that is under JPL's network domain (i.e.,
`128.149' is JPL-Net's and JPL-Net's alone), I don't know how this would
affect this decision. Any help?!?

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