KA9Q TCP/IP commercially available

Brian Lloyd (mimsy!cvl!dolqci!irs3!wb6rqn!brian@rutgers.edu)
7 Apr 88 10:36:42 EST (Thu)

Sirius Systems has the KA9Q "Net" code available for commercial and
government purposes. We include our enhancements, bug fixes, and
additional drivers (our Ethernet driver is much faster and supports
additional interface cards). We do track Phil's work and add his
improvements but ours is a more robust product when we are through with

In addition to the product we provide support and training. We can help
someone who is interested in porting the code to other processors. If
anyone is interested please contact us for further information.

Brian Lloyd, President
Sirius Systems, Inc.
19200 Tilford Way, Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 540-2066
Share and enjoy!

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