Re: IP/X.25 Call User Data ...

Darren Wall (hpda!hpcupt1!hpcuhb!hpindda!dwall@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
5 Apr 88 17:50:55 GMT

> Is it an "accepted practice" to use 0xCC in the first byte of
> Call User Data in an X.25 CALL REQUEST Packet for routing IP
> data over an X.25 Link? I know that for DDN Standard Services
> it's required, but I had thought that everyone did it whether
> DDN Standard is being requested or not.

Please note the "accepted practice" phrase. The reason I posted
the note was to find out if other people knew of implementations
that did the same thing.

After talking with my Corporate Telecommunications Department, I
understand that this is a bug with the particular version of firmware
that I had. However, this was the first node of many that I need
to set up and I was shocked to find that my assumptions were wrong.
The 0xCC flag is important when nodes need simultaneous X.25 and IP

Darren Wall

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