Kerberos documentation

Jennifer Steiner (
7 Apr 88 21:00:48 GMT

Documentation on MIT Project Athena's authentication
service, Kerberos, is available for anonymous ftp on
"", in ~ftp/pub/kerberos.

Documents include the paper given at the Winter 1988
Usenix Conference (text or postscript), a detailed
design document (text or postscript), and manual pages.

If you can't ftp, and would like a hardcopy, send your
request (and US/PTT mail address) to request (and US/PTT mail address) to

We are currently running a beta test of the software.
When the beta test has been completed, we plan to put
the code in the public domain (except for the encryption
library, which probably can't be exported out of the U.S.).
I'll post a pointer when the code is available.

Please post any followup messages to comp.misc.

Jennifer Steiner
Project Leader, Kerberos Development
MIT Project Athena


Below is the abstract from the Usenix paper:

In an open network computing environment, a workstation
cannot be trusted to identify its users correctly to network
services. Kerberos provides an alternative approach whereby
a trusted third-party authentication service is used to verify
users' identities. This paper gives an overview of the Kerberos
authentication model as implemented for MIT's Project Athena.
It describes the protocols used by clients, servers, and Kerberos
to achieve authentication. It also describes the management and
replication of the database required. The views of Kerberos as
seen by the user, programmer, and administrator are described.
Finally, the role of Kerberos in the larger Athena picture is
given, along with a list of applications that presently use
Kerberos for user authentication. We describe the addition of
Kerberos authentication to the Sun Network File System as a
case study for integrating Kerberos with an existing application.

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