Fibre local loops (was: Rumors about the... )

Philip Prindeville [CC] (philipp@Larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU)
Thu, 7 Apr 88 19:14:02 EDT

    Who do you know who has a 56k trunk in his home now? I was talking
    about backbone connectivity (where the fiber is already laid),
    not local loop.

Actually, BOCs are starting to offer it for about $200/mo, plus mileage
or message unit charges. If you know some tricks (like how to take
out an echo-supressor over a digital loop), you can get local digital
service fairly inexpensively.

    By the way, at least some local phone companies are providing local
    loop fiber now. They figure it is more cost effective, considering
    growth and weather resistance.

I assume we are talking about business and not residential here. A lot
of universities that have their own digital switches (MIT has a 5ESS
and McGill has a SL-1) have fibre loops at DS-1 or DS-3 rates.


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