INFO-COBOL (was comp.protocols.tcp-ip.eniac)

John Romkey (spdcc!kaos!
5 Apr 88 07:27:56 GMT

In article <1306@PT.CS.CMU.EDU> ralphw@IUS3.IUS.CS.CMU.EDU (Ralph Hyre) writes:
>Well, such a group (for interesting stuff) already exists in the Internet side
>of things. It's called INFO-COBOL. Why not create comp.lang.cobol on the
>USENET side (which would be even better from a bean-counter-point of view,
>plus have some kind of correspondence with with already existing list.)

INFO-COBOL has been pretty dead for some time now, unless it's misplaced a
large chunk of its readership. Since it's probably being run off a Cobolics
Workstation, that's not too unlikely...

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