subnet probems fixed

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Thu, 7 Apr 88 08:05 5


     Back in late December and early January I asked for help with our
network at Northeastern University. Many replies were received all of
which helped.

     Thank you all. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to say that.
The help was much appreciated.

     A good deal of our problem seems to have been Sun OS 3.4. The 3.5
release works a LOT better with subnets than 3.4 did. I only recently
discovered that there were a number a patches for 3.4 dealing with
subnets. The most successful of these were put into 3.5 as I understand
it. When we finally received 3.5 and went to it, things started working
much better.

     It was mostly a less than ideal TCP/IP implementation that seems to
have done us in.

     Again, thank you all.

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University.

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