BSD PING kills Mot/CMC card or code (Sys V.2)

Thu, 7 Apr 88 14:59:31 PDT

We are using Motorola SYS-1131 (VME Bus) MC68020 host running Mot/AT&T
V68 / SysV 5.2.2 ( not going 5.3 for 30-90 days, problem may still be
there ). We use the tcp-ip suite from CMC (2.1.5) telnet, ftp, rlogin,
rsh on the CMC enp-10 card ( believe onboard IP ) which DIES with the
daemon's still running, IMMEDIATELY, upon sending the PING packets from
my BSD Sun OS 3.3 (4.2). I have muted ping and hasten to think what will
jump up next to hurt me. Any tips / fixes will be well received.

[ To the '*you* should be running version xx of ' set, we are tax funded
operation and take anything we can get in whatever year Congress allows
us ( if ever ) to buy it.] We have inbound ARPA Mail - ONLY.

 Everett F. Batey II } {UUCP: sun!tsunami!nswed5!efb
 USNSWSES - Code 4V33 } {ARPA: efbatey@NOBBS.UCSB.EDU
 Blg 1214 } { efbatey@[]
 After HOSTS.TXT.726 efbatey@NSWSES.ARPA
 Port Hueneme,CA 93043-5007 } {DDD: 805/982-5881 983-1220(ans)

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