7 Apr 1988 14:44-PDT

I tell you three times: "where the MIL-STDS and RFC's disagree,
the RFCs are correct".

The point of contact for standards matters is Kevin Ebel,
Ebel@DCA-EMS.ARPA, tell him I sent you *grin*.

Seriously though - officially, the MIL-STDs superceded the RFCs,
however we (DCA and DCEC) are aware that the MIL-STDs have some
problems. (Like IP not being able to deliver data to its ULP, or
was it TCP? *grin*). Our guidance has been to take the average
of the RFCs and the MIL-STDs... sort of...


(Umm, if you get guidance that is different than the above, I
would appreciate hearing details on who said it so I can either
get them or me straightened out. )

I guess I ought to make it official:

Mike StJohns, Capt, USAF, DDN Program, Defense Communication

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