Re: SLIP suggestion

Tue, 5 Apr 88 23:45:10 EDT


Ouch. I can't believe "most" IBM systems are that bad. Twenty years ago (really)
I designed this fool thing called the Data Concentrator, which used a PDP8 (!)
and interfaced directly to a System/360-67 Multiplexor Channel. We had a lot
of fun at U Michigan hooking the thing up to a wonderful brew of hokey
terminals, which were the smallest thing just larger than a Turing Machine that
was potentially useful. While the PDP8 system was retired only a few years
ago, its successors are yet clanking away at Michigan, where that crew has
gotten rather good at making the things. My point is that maybe you should be
looking beyond IBM and, furthermore, lots of other good souls have beaten
the dumb-ASCII curse with that approach.

It was once worse. You had to end the line with <CR><LF><XOFF>.


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