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Allowing an LLP (SLIP in this case) to "use" information contained in a
ULP header violates the concept of layering and it invites disaster
should the ULP header change in the future. As the specifier of the LLP
you have no control over ULP header content.

On the other hand it appears that "new" SLIP will negotiate options.
This implies that both ends know how to negotiate. Since there is no
way for "old" SLIP to negotiate with "new" SLIP it might be possible to
use that information (the lack of negotiation) to flag this as an "old"
slip link. When a "new" SLIP driver attempts to elict a response from
an "old" SLIP driver, a valid response seems unlikely. A reasonable
number of attempts can be made before the "new" SLIP driver decides to
speak "old" SLIP.

One more thing -- we have been trying to contact you for some time now
to no avail. Could you please ACK this messags so that I know that you
have received it? Could you also give me another address, i.e.
telephone number, where I can reach you? Thanks.

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