Re: Checksums, CRC's, and NFS

Rick Adams (rick@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Tue, 5 Apr 88 17:08:01 EDT

        places (i.e. over noisy asynch lines)?? If important files get bit

The point I was trying to make and a lot of people missed is:
        An async line is not usually noisy. You do not have to
        automatically put a CRC on it. You probably don't use a
        CRC between your terminal and the TTY MUX on the host. That's
        because it's not necessary in 99% of the cases.

        The same holds true for async lines in general. They don't
        normally have a noise problem. If you have a serious noise
        problem, you shouldn't be using a simple async scheme. Buy a
        paid of decent modems and let them do the work. (E.g.
        today you can buy a pair of telebit trailblazers for $1345.)

If you need a special case for your special environment, fine.
However, don't claim that a protocol that doesn't have it is

No one seems to feel the need to put a CRC around the TCP/IP packet
that is handed to the ethernet. Yet, given a broken ethernet board, you
could be just as likely to have a corrupt packet as with SLIP without a


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