Net Nums and Gateways

5 Apr 1988 10:16:52 CST

        I'm getting the legwork started to connect 42 local area
(802.3) networks up to the MILNET and have run into a hitch.
A single Class B network would have ample address space for the
hosts on all 42; however, each of my networks is geographically
separated. I could request Class C networks, but several of my nets
will have more than the allowed 254 (256) hosts.

which is the application for net numbers and referenced me to RFC 950,
the Subnetting procedures. Neither of these really answer my questions;
the template strongly recommends subnetting if you have multiple lans and
more than a 100 hosts and RFC 950 discusses that subnetting. All good
information, in fact we will be running local subnets at most locations
(all those that have more than a single baseband segment) and will use
a local bit mask on the bridges. My problem is we'll have 42 separate
connections (gateways) to the MILNET and it's my understanding that I
can't break up a Class B (or any class net, for that matter) network
into subnets across the DDN.

        Because of the reasoning shown above, I'm planning on requesting
a block of 42 Class B network numbers. I realize that Class C would
suffice for many of my nets, but allowing for growth, most of them should
exceed the address space of a Class C net in a fairly short time. Of
course if I've made some glaring error in reasoning (like not knowing of
a graceful way to cram more than 256 hosts into an 8-bit address space)
feel free to flame me. Otherwise, I'd appreciate any pointers anybody
out there can give me; I like pats on the back too...

        I'm also looking for the gateways to connect all these lans to
the MILNET. I know a few vendors, but know someone would be upset if
they didn't get a copy of our IFB and they had a product that satisfy
the requirement.

        Please address all replies directly to me; I might miss them in
filtering through the rest of the TCP-IP mail. I'll summarize for the
world. Thanks.

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