Integrated Network Management Call

31 Mar 88 16:11:00 GMT



                  BOSTON, May 14-17, 1989

The First International Symposium on Integrated Network
Management sponsored by IFIP WG 6.6 and hosted jointly by
the National Bureau of Standards and MITRE corporation will
be held in Boston. The objective of the symposium is to
create an international forum for information exchange and
cooperation between vendors, system integrators, users,
researchers, and standardization bodies. Presentations on
management policy, administration, and operation of local
and wide area communication networks, including data, voice,
and integrated communications are solicited. In particular,
the program of the symposium will concentrate on the follow-
ing subjects, emphasizing the integration of different sys-

    o management requirements and standardization issues

    o models/architectures/algorithms

    o fault, configuration and name, accounting,
      performance, and security management

    o heterogeneous networks

    o protocols

    o quality of service

    o management data bases

    o knowledge based systems

    o planning systems

    o user interfaces and management languages

    o implementations and case studies

    o and other related topics

The Proceedings of the symposium will be published as a
hardbound volume by the North-Holland publishing company.
Authors are invited to submit unpublished papers on the top-
ical areas indicated. Contributions of a more general nature
(tutorial) are also welcome. Please submit five copies (in
English, restricted to 12 single spaced pages) to either of
the two addresses by September 1, 1988. The cover page must
contain: the paper title, full name, affiliation, complete
address and phone number of each author. All papers will be
refereed. Acceptance notifications will be mailed by
December 1, 1988. Final camera ready papers will be due
January 10, 1989.

General Chair: Program Committee:
Paul Brusil, MITRE, USA Sudhir Aggrawal, Bell Com.
                                 Res., USA

General Vice-Chair Eric Aupperle, U. of Michigan,
Dan Stokesberry, NBS, USA USA

                                 Dave Clark, MIT, USA

                                 Andre Danthine, University de
                                 Liege, Belgium

                                 Deborah Estrin, U. of South.
                                 California, USA

Program Co-Chair Guy Juanole, LAAS du CNRS,
Branislav Meandzija, SMU, USA France

                                 Kim Kappel, Digital Com.
                                 Assoc., USA

                                 Dipak Khakhar, Lund Univer-
                                 sity, Sweden

Program Co-Chair Gautam Kar, IBM Research, USA
Jil Westcott, BBN Labs., USA
                                 Yoshikazu Kobayashi, IBM,

                                 Koos Koen, Informatica, ZA

Submit papers to either Gerard Le Lann, INRIA, France
Branislav Meandzija (Americas,
Australia) Gesualdo LeMoli, Pol. di
SMU, CSE Department, 322 SIC Milano, Italy
Dallas, TX 75275 - 0122, USA
                                 Louis Pouzin, CNET-PAA, France

Wolfgang Zimmer (Europe, R. Rathnasabapathy, North.
Africa, Asia) Tele. Inc., USA
GMD-FIRST, Hardenbergplatz 2
D - 1000 Berlin - 12, West Morris Sloman, Imperial Col-
Germany lege, UK

For further information con- Chris Sluman, CAP Group PLC,
tact UK
Hershey Young
NBS, B217 TEC, Gaithersburg, Brian Spratt, University of
MD 20899 Kent, UK
(Tel: (301) 975-3600)
                                 Carl Sunshine, UNISYS, USA

                                 Liba Svobodova, IBM Research,

                                 Liane Tarouco, U. Fed. Rio
                                 Grande Sul, Brazil

                                 Keith Travorrow, British
                                 Telecom, UK

                                 Steve Wilbur, University Col-
                                 lege London, UK

                                 Wolfgang Zimmer, GMD-FIRST,
                                 West Germany

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