Request for TCP/IP source in C.

Steve Robertshaw X5552 (m2c!ulowell!cg-atla!
4 Apr 88 17:57:40 GMT

We have a 68020 board that has an ethernet (82586 based) sub-system.
Communicates to peripherals is done via a proprietary
Transport Protocol. I am currently investigating what it would take to get
TCP/IP support on this board.

Does anyone have a list of TCP/IP packages that can either be bought or had
publicly. It would be optimal if such a port package were written in C.

In addition, any hints on past experiences in this type of effort would be
highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Steve Robertshaw

Compugraphic, Inc. decvax!cg-atla!bobshaw
200 Ballardvale St., 200-3-5S ulowell/ \laidback
Wilmington, Ma. 01887 cbosgd!ima/ \cgeuro


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