IP/X.25 Call User Data ...

Darren Wall (hpda!hpcupt1!hpcuhb!hpindda!dwall@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
1 Apr 88 19:09:20 GMT

Is it an "accepted practice" to use 0xCC in the first byte of
Call User Data in an X.25 CALL REQUEST Packet for routing IP
data over an X.25 Link? I know that for DDN Standard Services
it's required, but I had thought that everyone did it whether
DDN Standard is being requested or not.

The reason that I ask is I noticed that Cisco Box that we have
does not use any Call User Data in it's CALL REQUEST Packet.

The Cisco I am using is:
System Bootstrap, Version 3.0(3), copyright (c) 1987 by cisco Systems, Inc.
ASM/AGS System, Version 6.1(343), compiled Wed 11-Nov-87 15:58

Darren Wall

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