Re: SLIP working group?

Russ Nelson (!
1 Apr 88 15:43:38 GMT

In article <8803302037.AA02493@PHOEBE.CAM.UNISYS.COM> jonab@CAM.UNISYS.COM (Jonathan P. Biggar) writes:
>Why don't we make the new versions of SLIP upwards compatible? ...
>Add a negotiation feature to SLIP ...
>Everything can just default to the current SLIP usage.

That's a good idea. Being that today's April 1, I'll just point out that
the negotiation packet(s) could have a checksum, CRC, or go bare.

By the way, I wasn't looking to start a public discussion. I thought,
since all discussion of SLIP had vanished from tcp-ip, that people were
working on it in the background. Obviously this is not the case. As for
me, I'm convinced that a CRC is both necessary and sufficient and Efficient.

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