sendmail queueing discipline

Greg Skinner (
1 Apr 88 05:17:56 GMT

For those who are unfamiliar, sendmail attempts an SMTP session for
each message in the queue.

When on networks where bandwidth is at a premium, this may be fine.
Where it is not, it can be expensive, especially when it involves
repeatedly tearing down and setting up a TCP connection.

I did some checking and discovered that SMTP was perfectly willing to
accept multiple mail transactions to the same host for 4.[23]bsd
systems. There was a noticeably longer pause between the first "mail
from" command and subsequent "mail from"'s, but it did work.

I may have an opportunity to rewrite sendmail to make multiple mail
transactions to the same host within one SMTP session. I'd like to
know if anyone else has done this on a 4.[23]bsd system (can I get the
patches :-), if any other mail delivery agents do this, and how people
feel about it.


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