Stev Knowles (
Sat, 2 Apr 88 15:42:52 EST

Pronet10 is a much better connection. i have been told about people
eeing 97 percent line troughput, with no data compression. (both of
these figures are for *data*, not *packets*) seems to me that this
does not leave enough space for the headers, but i dont remember all
of the numbers now.

ok, slip is good for connecting machines (or, better yet, networks) on
diffrent campuses, or getting one machine along way from a everyone
else on to the network. but it wont work very well for a local network.
(am i confused, or didnt DECNet (*gasp*) run on serial lines when it
first camme out?)

excuse me, i ramble. corrections to the above are welcome, flames can
be flushed.

stev knowles

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