Re: RFCs by E-Mail

Mark Crispin (Crispin@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU)
Fri, 1 Apr 88 14:50:12 PST

Jack -

     At SUMEX-AIM, we have a distributed mailsystem called MM-D, which
is supported by a client on Xerox Lisp machines (a TI Lisp machine client
is almost finished, and work has started on a MAC client) and servers on
a DEC-20 and Unix. It's gotten to the point that several of us have more
or less abandoned logging into the timesharing system to read our mail;
we do it from our workstation.

     MM-D uses the IMAP2 protocol, which compares to POP2 in much the way
a BMW compares to a tricycle. The modality of IMAP2 is more interactive
than POP2, but there's nothing in IMAP2 that requires that; it can be
used in an offline way such as PC Mail.

-- Mark --

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