Re: TCP/IP for IBM's MVS
Fri, 1 Apr 88 15:52:29 PST

        Has anyone compared the alternatives for TCP/IP implementations for the
        IBM MVS operating system (e.g. KNET, ACC, etc). A full function
        alternative, preferably with nice gateway capability to&from SNA
        networks would be ideal (dream on :-).

That depends upon what you mean by a "gateway capability". A transport-level
gateway doesn;t work because the upper layers are different. If you
mean: the ability to use a 3278 transparently end-to-end across an SNA
and a TCP-IP network, you've got it in the UCLA ACP and all the
vendor products derived from it. If you mean: the ability to gateway
BITNET mail to/from SMTP mail under MVS, there is a mail system
available from UCLA that does that (with some restrictions).
There is not a file transfer gateway because the two protocol
families use such different file tranfer models.

Bob Braden

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