Re: TCP/IP for IBM's MVS

Fri, 01 Apr 88 17:20:01 EST

> Has anyone compared the alternatives for TCP/IP implementations for the
> IBM MVS operating system (e.g. KNET, ACC, etc). A full function
> alternative, preferably with nice gateway capability to&from SNA
> networks would be ideal (dream on :-).

Last year we talked to ACC, Advintech (then called CISCO),
Fibronics, and Network Solutions. We felt that ACC's product would
best meet our needs. Due to long procurement delays, we are just
about to get it, so I can't tell you how it worked out yet. I also
asked some of the lists who was using what for MVS. The
overwhelming majority response was ACC.

Some of the product features that are important to us are SMTP, FTP,
Telnet, TN3270, domain name resolver, a reasonable way to interface
SMTP to our mail system, and a way to adapt FTP to our user and data
set naming conventions. Some of the products lacked basic features
like SMTP or TN3270. Others had interfacing problems in our

We weren't looking for an SNA Gateway, but I don't recall such a
beast in any of the products.

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