Re: draft ulana sw & sec spec
Fri, 1 Apr 88 11:25:39 PST

        This brings up another issue that has been on my mind recently: Is anyone
        working on a "Requirements for Internet Hosts" RFC, in the vein of RFC1009?

Yes, there is a WG of the IETF doing exactly that. Your friend and mine
JNC is supposedly holed up writing Good Words about the IP layer, even
as I type. (Go, Go, Noel!). By the way, I seem to be the chair of this
WG. If you can put time and energy to it, let me know!

    Bob Braden

PS: To those who got an earlier, garbaged, copy of this message, I apologize
on behalf of a well-known Bay-Area university and a well-known Bay Area
workstation mfr, who were responsible for the mailer software I use.

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