Re: OSI does not mean X.25

Marty Schoffstall (
Thu, 31 Mar 88 19:31:17 -0500

    ALL OF THIS IS AVAILABLE *NOW*. The Transport, Internet, and host-
    gateway protocol standards are done. They are not "working drafts".
    They are being implemented. They are already available in commercial
    products from at least one large computer manufacturer (DG). You
    can get copies of the standards from your local national standards
    body. In Finland, call Esko Ojanpera at (+358)-0-456 65-6.

Is it interoperable with anyone else's? Does it work in an OSI internet?
[ let's say 4 ethernets, a 802.5, and a X.25 interconnection
        for simplicity sake].

Or is it the standard:

        It Talks To Itself on a Single Cable


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