Re: LAN Hardware/Software advice needed

Ron Natalie (
30 Mar 88 16:12:10 GMT

Q: I would like to run Ethernet between the microVAX and the
        11/750. Which ethernet controller should i buy for the uVAX?
        I already have a DEUNA on the 750 but might trade it in for
        a DELUA.
A: GO with the DELUA, there was a bug with DEUNA's in 750's that
        they sunk so much power when they energized the transciever that
        DCLO would occur on the UNIBUS crashing the machine.

Q: How can I set things up so that folks on the uVAX logon to the
        UNIX machine and vice-versa? I think I would like to get TCP/IP
        and all the rlogin/telnet/ftp,etc. stuff for the uVAX. Which is the
        best (or recommended) options to buy?
        Will the uVAX-II be able to support all this? Will VMS block
        ethernet logins?
A: Answer, best bet in a mixed environment is to run TCP/IP (of
        course, I'm a IP bigot). You can get TCP/IP for the VAX from
        a couple of commercial sources. We deal with Wollengong. The
        price is around $6000 list for a multiuser VMS uVAX, but you
        may be able to convince them to give them a discount. They have
        a very liberal discount for Universities now. This will allow
        full connectivity for login/telnet between the two machines.
        You could get DECNET for the UNIX machine, but this is not such
        a good solution.

Q: How can the IBM PC's and Mac SEs also do the rlogin/telnet/ftp,etc.,
        action with either of the UNIX VAX or VMS uVAX? How should
        be go about doing this? Money is no object but of course
        a few hundred feet above the ground is our limit (read $50,000
        to $150,00 is my anticipated budget :-). Feel free to share your
        expreriences and flights of fancy. I'm all ears!
A: You can fully equip an IBM-PC with an Ethernet card and TCP
        software for less than $500 dollars. You can probably do it
        for less than $300 if you rely on Public Domain software and
        the cheaper Ethernet cards. We tend towards the Micom 5210
        cards these days. For Macintoshes, there is no good way for
        the non-MAC-II's to hold an Ethernet card. However, you can
        run TCP/IP nicely by using an Appletalk->Ethernet gateway.
        Specifically, the Kinetics FastPath (less than $2000) which will
        serve an entire Appletalk net. We use this in conjunction with
        the public domain NCSA telnet. You can get Ethernet cards for
        the MAC-II's and rumor has it for the SE, but I have no experience
        with this as the FastPath box is more economical when you have
        more than one or two Macs to hook up.

Q: This was added as an after thought, but we have an HP 3000
        as well. How can we network that to the configuration above?
A: HP has now announced TCP/IP for the 3000 as well. Unfortunately
        they don't use the standard Ethernet format so you have to buy
        a converter box from a company called CISCO. This costs around
        $6000 (list) but you can also use the same box to provide interface
        for telnet and rlogin from regular ASCII terminals to the network.


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