draft ulana sw & sec spec

Sovinsky (ves@mitre-bedford.ARPA)
Thu, 31 Mar 88 11:51:39 EST

Cad Key 2.0 and later Z-248 (F19630-86-D-0002)
imeline 2.0 and later Z-248 (F19630-86-D-0002)
Enable 1.15 and later Z-248 (F19630-86-D-0002)
Microsoft Windows 1.01 and later Z-248 (F19630-86-D-0002)

     The software shall provide windowing and
multitasking capability. It shall allow the capability to create a
minimum of eight windows allowing the concurrent viewing of eight tasks.
One application selected by the user will execute, and the others will be
suspended until selected. The tasks may consist of eight different
applications or eight separate executions of a single application.

     The software shall provide network administration
functions to allow for installation and maintenance of the network
software. These functions shall include adding users, deleting users,
changing passwords, adding shared peripherals, and diagnostics and
statistics tools to identify network load and problems. The information
provided by the diagnostics and statistics tools shall be more than raw
data--it shall help the user to interpret the data. This shall not be a
separate software package.

     The software shall allow a password for each user
identification with different levels of access (i.e.: read only, read
write, etc). Passwords shall be initially assigned by the network
administrator. User shall have the ability to change their password.

     The software shall provide full file sharing
capabilities that allow the user to:

     Grant, remove, and change access to their files
on the LAN.

     Grant file access to a single user, multiple
users, and all users on the LAN using options available in

     Specify type of access granted to other users
to include: none, read only, write only, execute, and read-write.

     Grant access to a single file, a group of
files, an entire subdirectory, and an entire drive.
                                                                08 Mar 1988

     Place a password on files to which the user has
granted access to others so that the other user must use that password to
access the files.

     Display a listing of all files to which the
user has granted access to other users and the type of access they have.

     Display a listing of all the files to which
others have granted the user access and the type of access they have.

     While running the LAN software, the user shall be
able to invoke all DOS application programs.

     The software shall provide options available in for the installation procedure.

     The software shall allow workstations to link to
any shared peripheral on the network.

     The software shall provide print spooling with
the capability to reorder print queues, delete print files and queues, and
move print files and queues to other printers.

     The software shall provide context sensitive help
facility accessible from all workstations.

     The software shall provide error messages that
correctly identify the error and explain how to correct it.

     The software shall provide remote dial-in
capability that allows access to all network resources and capabilities.
It shall support user selectable data transmission speeds ranging from 300
BPS to 19.2K BPS (300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19,200).

     As a late deliverable, the contractor shall
provide a version of the software that will run with the SMSCRC operating
system that is functionally conformable with the System V Interface
Definition (SVID). This version shall provide a user interface as similar
to that of the PC version as possible.

      Additional consideration shall be given to those
contractors who offer a version of the software to be installed and
configured on the Zenith Z-100 computer to enable it to operate as a
client node on a network. This version of the software must operate the
same as and provide a user interface identical to that of the software for
the machines cited in

     The software shall provide electronic mail
facilities. It shall support a minimum of 100 mailboxes, which shall be
established by the network administrator. It shall support both text and
non-text (8-bit ASCII). The maximum size of electronic mail messages
shall be limited only by the amount of storage space the user has

                                                                08 Mar 1988

     The capabilities shall include:

         Choose and read a message.

         Create a message with an editor supplied
by the vendor.

         Send a message. Retain a copy of the
message if desired.

         Reply to a message.

         Forward a message and/or series of

         Delete a message and/or series of

         Send a courtesy copy (cc) of a message to
addresses upon transmission. Shall allow for the creation, storage, and
use of distribution lists.

         Copy a message and/or series of messages
into a file.

         Insert files into the body of a message
and include as attachments to a message. (minimum of 10 files)

         Display headers including: Date,
Subject, Return address, Read and unread, Answered and Unanswered, Flagged
and Unflagged.

         The user should be able to send and
receive electronic mail using this electronic mail facility to and from
other hosts on the network that only utilize the SMTP protocol for
electronic mail exchange from a host supported by ULANA using SMTP

         Shall provide positive confirmation of
addressee receipt of message.

         Notify user upon log-in that he has new

         Save mail to a file of user's choice.

     The message shall include the following fields
in data area:

                                                                08 Mar 1988

         Comments (on forwarded or resent

         Return path (explicit series of
forwarding hosts/gateways).

         Return address.


     The software shall have a network calendaring
capability with the following functions:

     It shall allow creation and use of a minimum of
100 calendars per server.

     It shall provide for public and private
calendars that shall cover a minimum of 12 previous months and 12
subsequent months to the current month.

     It shall display a planning calendar by day,
week, or month at the users option. As a minimum, the daily calendar
shall allow 80 characters per entry; the weekly calendar 40 characters per
entry; and the monthly calendar 20 characters per entry.

     It shall allow the user to print a hard copy of
daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

     It shall allow the user the capability to
designate other users who will have access to view and modify his calendar.

     It shall allow the user to input information to
his own calendar and to calendars to which he has access.

     It shall have appointment scheduling
capabilities such that a user may specify individuals whose calendars
should be checked for open time (during a specified day or week). When a
common time is found, it shall reserve the time slot on each attendees
calendar. It shall also check the availability of meeting rooms and
equipment for the meeting and schedule them as well. In case of multiple
openings, the utility shall query the user scheduling the appointment as
to the desired time.

     It shall allow the user to delete a scheduled
event from multiple calendars with a single action.

     It shall provide a calendar "scratch pad"
function which allows any user to propose calendar updates to any other
users' "scratch pad", plus a calendar update utility which allows each
user to review his scratch entries off-net and accept or reject proposed
updates to their actual calendar file.
                                                                08 Mar 1988

              3.2.2. Operational Concept - Security Module. The
contractor-provided security module shall, through the use of a software
and hardware combination and without affecting the normal operation of the
PC, fully support the following functionally described minimum
characteristics and requirements:
 Shall be completely compatible with the Zenith Z-248
model computers manufactured by Zenith Data Systems running MS-DOS 3.1 or
 Shall have a password for each user identification with
different types of access (disk, directory, and files). This password
shall be user modifiable.
 Shall keep an audit trail of user accesses both
successful and unsuccessful. After a given number of unsuccessful log-on
attempts (as determined by the network administrator), shall record the
access attempts and the time in the audit trail and shall lock out the
unauthorized user by disabling the keyboard or CPU.
 When a successful access is completed, shall provide an
audit trail report showing all access attempts made and what functions
were done during each access. This report shall cover the previous 24,
48, or 72 hours at the users option. At the end of the user specified
period, the audit trail data will be deleted. (For example, if the user
specifies a 24 hour audit trail, at the end of the 24th hour, the data for
hour 1 is deleted to make room for the data for hour 25.)
 Shall prevent unauthorized users from booting system
(including booting from the floppy drive).
 Additional consideration shall be given to those
contractors who offer a security module package to be installed and
configured on the Zenith Z-100 computer. This version of the security
module must operate the same as and provide a user interface identical to
that of the software for the Z-248.

Note: If meeting these requirements requires the use of an internal
board, that board shall fit into an available PC slot in the Z-248 and an
available slot in the Z-100 (if offered). Different boards will be
permitted for each model of computer. This board, if offered, shall not
interfere with the normal operation of the system in which it is installed.

3.3. Documentation.

              3.3.1. Contractor(s) shall provide comprehensive
documentation to accompany each software package. Proposals should be
made for documentation as a separately orderable item and as bundled with
the software. When bundled with the software, the price of the
documentation will be included in the price of the software. This
documentation shall contain
                                                                08 Mar 1988

explanations of each capability and how to perform it, an error message
key to provide further explanations of error messages described in, and a glossary of applicable terms. It shall be aimed at the
novice user so that even a beginner can use the software with minimal

              3.3.2. The contractor(s) shall furnish the government any
changes to documentation within 60 days after notification of errors in
the original documentation or of discrepancies in the software that render
the documentation incorrect.

              3.3.3. The contractor(s) shall furnish an installation
manual with each file server package. This volume shall describe, in
detail, the software installation process and procedures, and how to set
up the network.

3.4. Delivery of Orders.

      3.4.1. The first delivery of each CLIN/SLIN shall be delivered to
Gunter AFS Alabama 6 work days after receipt by contractor of a delivery
order. Subsequent deliveries shall be made to the "ship to" address
indicated on each delivery order.

      3.4.2. The contractor(s) shall ship orders within 21 days of
arrival of the delivery order at the contractor's location.

3.5. Warranties.

      3.5.1. All software and hardware components purchased through this
contract shall be warranted against all defects and failures for a period
of 1 year. All defective items that fail during the warranty period will
be returned to the contractor via a common carrier at government expense.
Replacements of defective items shall be made free of charge within 4
working days of contractor's receipt of the returned defective item.
Contractor shall pay the cost of shipping the replacement items.

     3.5.2. For CONUS deliveries, the warranty period for a given
delivery order shall not begin until delivery of the items to the
specified destination or 15 days after government acceptance of the
delivery, whichever occurs first.

    3.5.3. For OCONUS deliveries, the warranty period for a given
delivery order shall not begin until delivery of the order to the
specified location or 30 days after government acceptance of the delivery,
whichever occurs first.

3.6. Updates and Upgrades.

    3.6.1. Updates.

    An update shall be defined as: Corrections and/or
additions to existing versions of a product that cause the product to
operate as specified in this solicitation.
                                                                08 Mar 1988

    Free updates and corrected documentation shall be
made available to Air Force users not more than 60 days after the
contractor(s) receives official notification by the government of a
problem, or within 30 days after commercial availability of the update.
When an update is necessary, users will send the contractor a letter
stating the serial numbers from their originally purchased packages and
the address to which the update should be mailed. The contractor shall
send updates on diskette and corrections to documentation in hardcopy
form. These items must be mailed to the user within 7 work days after
contractor received the letter from the user.

    3.6.2. Upgrades.

    An upgrade shall be defined as: A new version of
the product with corrections and enhancements not available in previous

    If, after the contract is awarded, the
contractor(s) markets a new commercial version of the product, the added
features and enhancements of the new commercial version and updated
documentation shall be proposed to the government in the form of an
upgrade to the government version of the package. This proposal shall be
made within 30 days of the availability of the new commercial version.
The government may elect to modify the contract and, at its option, may
have the new version delivered in lieu of the originally specified
package. Upgrades shall be listed as a separate contract line item.

     Method of distribution is negotiable prior to
contract award. Suggested method is to notify government users of the
update and have them send their original diskettes to the contractor who
in turn will return the upgraded version to the user. The user shall
receive the upgraded versions within 7 working days of contractor receipt
of the original diskettes.

     The price of the upgrade will be proportional to
the price of the originally offered package. For instance, if the
original package was offered to the Air Force at 50 percent of its
commercial price, then the upgrade must also be offered to the Air Force
at 50 percent of its commercial price.

3.7. Support.

    3.7.1. The contractor(s) shall furnish a point of contact for
questions/problems. This individual or individuals must be identified by
name, address, and toll-free telephone number. The toll-free number shall
be manned between 0800 and 1700 Central Time, Monday through Friday
(except Federal Holidays) for the life of the contract.

    3.7.2. The contractor(s) shall be required to maintain a data base
providing the following information on one screen:

    order acceptance date (date order received by

    ship date (expected and actual)

                                                                08 Mar 1988

    ship-to address

    list of items on order

Note: The government shall have access to this data base at any time
through the use of the contractor-supplied toll-free phone line described
in 3.7.1. above and a standard asynchronous telecommunications package
(such as HyperAccess or Enable). The data base shall be accessible by
delivery order number or by ship-to address at the users option.

3.8. Monthly Reports.

    3.8.1. The contractor(s) shall provide monthly production and
delivery reports on the fifth work day of each month. These reports shall
contain the ordering status for the previous month (number ordered, number
delivered, number returned with defects) and the dollar amount associated
with these orders. In addition, the ordering status and dollar figures
for the total period of the contract up to the end of the previous month
are also required (number ordered-to-date, number delivered-to-date,
number returned-to-date, explanation of backorders).

    3.8.2. The contractor(s) shall also furnish the Small Computer Office
Automation/Service Organization (SCOASO) at Gunter AFS a monthly report
synopsizing the calls received over the toll-free line described in 3.7.1.
above. This report shall specify the problem calls received and the
solutions given.

3.9. Training. The offered packages shall provide a computer aided
instruction module and interactive tutorial to provide an overview of the
products and aid the user in learning the capabilities of the products.

3.10. Preparation for Delivery.

    3.10.1. Packaging.

   The contractor(s) is responsible for the
preservation, packaging, and packing of all items to be delivered under
the terms of this contract in such a manner that adequate protection is
provided against corrosion, deterioration, and physical damage during
shipment and handling from source of supply to final destination. The
contractor's commercial packaging practice is acceptable in the event
these practices provide the required protection. The contractor(s) is
fully liable for any damage, deterioration, and losses incurred during
shipment and handling unless the damage, deterioration, and losses are the
fault or negligence of the government. Marking shall be in accordance
with MIL-STD-129J, 25 Sep 84, Marking for Shipment and Storage.

    The government shall be responsible for the
preservation, packaging, and packing to the above standards of all items
returned to the contractor(s) for warranty service.

                                                           08 Mar 1988

    3.10.2. Delivery. For deliveries to CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii
locations, deliverable items shall be F.O.B. destination. For overseas
deliveries, deliverable items shall be F.O.B. point of exportation (POE).
Examples of initial delivery points for POE shipments are as follows:

    McChord AFB, WA (Japan and Korea)
    Travis AFB, CA (Philippines and Guam)
    Dover AFB, DE (Europe)
    Charleston AFB, SC (Panama)
    Patrick AFB, FL (Puerto Rico)

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