message to Amit Joshi, asjoshi (Turbo C verson of KA9Q)

Robert Tsui (mnetor!utzoo!lsuc!hcr!hcrvx2!
29 Mar 88 20:17:27 GMT

I hope I don't offend anyone by posting this here, I have run out
of choices.

asjoshi (Amit Joshi),

I have tried e-mailing you the following mail but it keeps bouncing
back. I am posting here to this newsgroup and hope that you can
see it and respond to my request. Thank you.

I heard that you have converted Phil Karn's KA9Q into Turbo C
and I'm very much interested in getting a copy of it. I will appreciate
if you can email me a copy. Thank you in advance for taking care of
my request.


Robert Tsui	{utzoo,utcsri,ihnp4}!hcr!robert	(UUCP)
HCR Corporation	(416)922-1937

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