Re: SLIP working group?

Steven D. Miller (
Thu, 31 Mar 88 07:57:25 EST

As of the last time I looked (SunOS 3.2), you can't turn UDP checksums on
for NFS packets. A code path that is completely separate from the "normal"
UDP and IP output code paths is being taken. Has this changed since 3.2
came out? How many NFS licensees are also not using checksums here?

I still agree with Rick, though; why stuff additional checksumming into
SLIP because of one vendor's code? NFS at SLIP speeds is likely to be
too painful to contemplate seriously, anyway. Maybe Sun could add a
"cksum" mount option if they're still reluctant to run with checksums on
UDP/RPC/NFS packets in general?

I fear I'm getting off the subject, though...


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