Time server status

Wed, 30 Mar 88 17:01:52 EST


At this time all five fuzzball primary time servers (WWVB and GOES)
are back in service. However, it turns out that the present NTP time
daemon ntpd does not recognize when a server explicitly indicates that
its time is invalid, as when first coming up and before resynchronization
is complete. This condition is indicated when the two high-order bits of
the status octet in the NTP header are set, as described in the latest
documentation issued a month or so ago. I have reports that some VAXen
running domain-name servers get mighty sore when this happens, since
their caches... Well, you can figure that out for yourself.

Mike Petry is now working on a new ntpd daemon to conform to the latest
specs; however, it might be useful to update the present version to ignore
packets received with the bits set.


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