Re: The postcard story

Steinar Haug RUNIT (
Wed, 30 Mar 88 14:29:16 +0200

There was a similar discussion about the postcard story on the BITNET
distribution list REXXLIST a short while ago. Started (of course) when
someone posted the 'original' postcard story to REXXLIST.

I have received the same postcard story on at least five other lists,
in addition to at least ten copies sent me directly from friends on
the net. Now of course I feel sympathy for the boy in this story, and
the consensus on REXXLIST seemed to be that the story was indeed true.
But folks, *please* let's stick to relevant topics! In my opinion it's
irrelevant whether or not the story is a hoax, it still doesn't belong
on these lists! The TCP-IP list is for discussion about TCP/IP, REXXLIST
for discussion about REXX.

Steinar Haug
Computing Center at the University of Trondheim, Norway

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