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Barry Shein (
Tue, 29 Mar 88 12:49:18 EST

> Read this on internal MITRE mail, thought I might pass it on........
> David is a 7 year old boy who is dying from cancer.

Bing bing bing...Red alert red alert

Almost certainly a hoax, this particular hoax is covered by Jan
Brunveld (sp?) in one of his books on urban legends (stories that go
around and tons of people believe to be true but turn out to have
little or no factual basis). Classic examples: Alligators in the NY
Sewer system, Mrs Fields Cookie recipes (allegedly being given out
because someone misunderstood a price for them, "two-fifty", over the
phone and found a $250 charge on the credit card bill, variation on
the Red Velvet cake story), tax simplification and user-friendly
computer systems (:-) etc.

Usually this starts a flurry of attempts to show that this particular
instance of the hoax is true, usually just more word of mouth
information purporting to be true ("I have a friend who *called*
Guiness and they said it was true..."), usually just more hype.

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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