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17 Mar 88 05:52:55 GMT

In article <>, neerma@COD.NOSC.MIL (Merle A. Neer) writes:
> The problem simply stated is this: the user process cannot get the
> status of its tcp connections from UNIX.

> Have any UNIX guru-types ever considered offering a
> 'status(myconnect)' call? We'll gladly pay for one.

If you're running 4.3, I can give you a socket ioctl to return the
status of the connection (as in one of the values in
etc). It's not really hard; it'd take all of an afternoon. Just drop
another ioctl into ../h/ioctl.h and into ../netinet/tcp_usrreq.c (in
the if req == PRU_CONTROL statement).

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